Time is money, so they’re making it even easier to apply for PGW rebates. 


Time is money, so they’re making it even easier to apply for PGW rebates. 

PGW is pleased to announce the launch of our new EnergySense Equipment Rebates website. This simple-to-navigate website is designed to help you and your clients readily identify rebates for eligible residential and commercial equipment, quickly submit rebate applications online, and easily track the status of rebate applications. Other features include print applications and FAQs, available for download as PDFs that can be incorporated as part of your marketing toolkit for potential clients.

The new PGW EnergySense Rebates website provides you with the tools and resources to help you close more sales for energy-efficient gas equipment such as: 

  • Residential furnaces and boilers
  • Commercial boilers and hot water heaters
  • Commercial cooking equipment
  • Steam traps

For more information about PGW EnergySense Residential and Commercial Equipment Rebates, please contact us HERE or call 1-855-PGW SOLVES (1-855-749-7658).

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Start your water security business now! With Grohe Sense


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Repairing water damage is part of the installer business.  It’s an essential job but probably not the most pleasant one – being called out at all hours, in all weather, having to abandon other jobs to fit in urgent repairs.  Water damage isn’t just a hassle for the homeowners.

Now, what if you could offer your customers an early warning system in addition to your repair services?


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