6BD7CED4-4A0E-4DD9-B849-199B4DBC6697BJ TERRONI had their first TACO training last week for two nights at their new training facility and it was a big success. Their new room includes a “Smart Board” that helps deliver an excellent and quality training session. The seating is ample for up to 30 people and everyone is quite comfortable. In the past, folks had sometimes been packed in on one another in offsite rooms and things could be a little tense in that kind of scenario. The room is climate controlled which adds to the comfort. The bathroom facilities are remodeled and close at hand. Parking is in front of the facility and there is a lot of it.

This room is kept immaculate and as you can see in the photos, nothing is in this room that could distract from the learning experience i.e., neither boxes of inventory nor shelves of old 064E6A5F-A08E-4A45-B3FA-399E15735515books detract or distract the attendees ability to get the most out of the session.

This entire facility lends itself to the learning environment.

The lighting is set up so that they can easily close the blinds and dim the lights to add added value to nurture the learning experience.

There is a table set up in the front of the room with samples of the products they discussed those evenings. This will be a part of the program for the future classes.

As they moFD4495E3-11C6-41FB-9FDF-2937A1DE1073ve forward, there will be many more classes scheduled here and Education and Training Director Anthony A Reikow would like to invite and encourage all to partake in the tremendous investment that John, Bart and Chris Terroni have made in this facility to help all grow their business and sales.