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By John Teder
ICP Training Manager 
Every time you finish installing a new HVAC system, you have a golden opportunity to sell another one, if you follow four easy steps:

Don’t just say “thank you” – really mean it! Those two words make all the difference in the sales process. They help you get closer to winning your next sale. To ensure your “thank you” leaves a great impression with the customer, try this approach:
• Make good eye contact.
• Give a firm handshake.
• Say, “I really appreciate your business, Mr. Jones. I’m honored that you’re trusting me with such an important long-term investment.”

Don’t assume you’ll get referrals. Ask for them. Engage in a conversation with the customer that could uncover more opportunities, using questions such as:
• “Do you know anyone with allergies? We have some options that can help clean the air in their homes.”
• If you’re in a subdivision that’s 10-15 years old, “Do you know if any of your neighbors still have the original heating and cooling system in their home? A new system may help them save a lot of money on their utility bills.”

Get a referral letter the easy way. Most people don’t have the time to write a referral letter. The best solution is to write it for them. After you’ve talked with customers, write down what they said. Then use their comments to write a simple letter on their behalf. When you’re done, show the letter to the customer; make sure their comments sound about right; and ask the customer to sign the letter.

Increase your visibility to the neighbors. Make sure your vehicle is always clean and displays your company name and phone number. Ask to place a sign in your customer’s yard. Canvass the neighborhood with door hangers. When neighbors see that Mr. & Mrs. Jones chose you, they’ll be more likely to choose you, too. That’s an “implied referral.” Where can you find yard signs, truck decals and door hangers? Click on “Business Building Tools” at the top of this page.

Keep practicing these ideas on all of your sales calls. It makes a difference!

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