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Weil-McLain® is excited to introduce new WM97+® marketing tools. Our focused messaging regarding the WM97+ Boiler highlights the main selling points when recommending a boiler to a contractor:

WM97+ Saves TIME, Saves MONEY

  • Class-Leading High Efficiency Wall Mount Boiler
  • Built-in Pre-Installed System Components

Advanced Controls for Flexible Cost-Saving Operations

New Marketing Tools:

New WM97+ and AquaLogic® Video

  • Check out the new WM97+ and AquaLogic video on the product page for our WM97+ Boiler, product page for our AquaLogic Companion Water Heater and our YouTube channel.
  • Use this video to show your customers the Built-in Value Features of both the WM97+ Boiler and AquaLogic Companion Water Heater.



WM97+ and ECO™ Boiler Selection Flyer Comparison Flyer

  • Now available – a single-page, double-sided selection flyer for the WM97+ and ECO Boilers.
  • Use this side-by-side cost comparison of both high efficiency wall hung boilers to choose the right boiler for the right installation.

Available online for ordering by the end of this week. Login to order at ww.weil-mclain.com, distributors, distributor print fulfillment.



Contractor Spotlight

Feature on Guy Denommee, in the Articles section of our website.
Guy recently did an oil to gas conversion replacing a Gold Oil Boiler with a WM97+.  Find out why he is such a huge proponent of the WM97+ Boiler.



WM97+ Boiler promotion

  • Contractors can receive up to $150 for purchasing a WM97+ Boiler with an AquaLogic Companion Water Heater or an Aqua Plus® Indirect-fired Water Heater.
  • You can download the promotion from our website or order promo pads by emailing the number of pads (50 forms each) and shipping information to

Promotion period: June 2, 2014 through August 31, 2014


WM97+ Boiler Floor Stand Now Available

Part Number 383-800-102 – Adjustable Floor Stand, Trade Price is $250.00


Coming soon:  Updated WM97+ Brochure