The full Weil-McLain Boiler Bucks™ site will be live on June 29th. That means you can officially start registering your purchases with us starting next Monday, June 29, and watch your points roll in! Treat yourself or your team to a variety of high quality rewards, such as work and winter apparel, safety gear, tools, electronics, gift cards, training sessions and more.
You can earn points for your purchases as such:

  • Domestic Water Heater = 100 Boiler Bucks
  • Standard Efficiency Cast Iron Oil = 250 Boiler Bucks
  • Standard Efficiency Cast Iron Gas = 250 Boiler Bucks
  • High Efficiency Residential = 350 Boiler Bucks
  • Standard Efficiency Cast Iron Commercial = 650 Boiler Bucks
  • High Efficiency Commercial = 1600 Boiler Bucks
If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can still sign up for Boiler Bucks Fast Start Registration at the official website now through July 20, 2015.
As a reminder, business owners/operators and contractors who enroll during the Fast Start Registration period receive 300 Boiler Bucks and will have a 1 in 4 chance of winning one of the prizes below. Installers who register during the same period also have a chance to win one of the following items:
Once Fast Start Registration ends on July 20th, contractors will be eligible to redeem their Boiler Bucks for rewards. We’re excited about your participation in the Contractor Loyalty Program! Let us know if you have any questions or comments.
To download a .PDF of this email, click here.