Did you know that any 007e or 0015e3 purchases you have made between 7/4/17 and 12/31/17 from Grove Supply, Inc. you will receive a $15 or $30 rebate respectively via mail-in fulfillment. See the attached rebate forms for complete Details.  (007e Rebate Form Attached Here) (0015e3 Rebate Form Attached Here.)

Stop into your Local Grove Supply, Inc. today and get your receipts from these purchases.  Send them to Taco with the completed form to submit for your rebate (MUST BE POSTMARKED NO LATER THATN 1/31/18).

You can also donate part or all of your rebate to “Folds of Honor”.  Folds of Honor provides educational scholarships to families of America’s Fallen or disabled service-members. (www.foldsofhonor.org)