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New Commercial Model Changes for 2018 DOE Compliance

Comfortmaker® Commercial Rooftop Units

As part of the “largest energy-saving standard in history,” the Department of Energy (DOE) has issued “new efficiency standards for more than 40 household and commercial products, including commercial air conditioners.”

As of January 1, 2018, new DOE minimum efficiency standards affecting commercial air conditioners or rooftop units went into effect.

The new efficiency standards are measured in IEER or Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio. IEER is similar to SEER in residential equipment, but IEER is supposed to provide a more accurate efficiency rating because it is an average measurement over the entire cooling season, rather than simply the hottest few hours of the year.

Here is a summary chart of the 2018 DOE Minimum Efficiency Requirements for commercial equipment:

2018 DOE Minimum Efficiency Table in IEER (Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio)
To meet the 2018 DOE Minimum Efficiency Requirements for commercial equipment, all Comfortmaker® RGS, RAS and RHS rooftops and select RGH and RAH rooftop units will be offered with two-speed as standard. Please refer to the Comfortmaker Commercial Rooftop Model Changes Chart below for complete details.

Any units manufactured BEFORE January, 1, 2018, can be sold and installed anytime in 2018 and beyond. Any units manufactured AFTER December 31, 2017 must be DOE compliant.

Comfortmaker Commercial Rooftop Model Changes for 2018


NR=Two-speed is not required to be DOE compliant but will remain a FIOP.
Blue=Change as of 1/1/18.
Grey=Model is not available.
The Rooftop Energy Savings Calculator and Rooftop Mobile App have been updated to reflect these model changes. A new Equipment Selection Program and COPS Pricing and Configuration Tool are also in place to assist with equipment configuration and load calculations.

Times are changing, and the Comfortmaker commercial rooftop lineup is changing right along with them. All RGS, RAS and RHS rooftops and select RGH and RAH rooftop models offer two-speed as standard to meet increased DOE efficiency requirements. Comfortmaker is committed to continually improving its products while saving consumers money and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

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