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Golden Pre-Coated Fin Coil for Ductless indoor and Outdoor Units

ICP is announcing the transition from Blue Fin Coating to a new Golden Fin Coating on the indoor and outdoor coils. The systems are susceptible to hostile environments and over time contaminants can corrode the heat exchangers or particles can accumulate within the coils, this causes the heat exchangers performance to degrade leading to capacity loss, high head pressure and eventual compressor failure.
In order to minimize heat exchanger corrosion or dust accumulation, a coating can be used to protect the metal from harsh environments.

Benefits of the Golden Fin Coating Coils are:

The New Golden Fin Coils will be implemented on all the Ductless units produced after January 01, 2018 (serial number V011810001) Model Families: DLFPHA, DLFSHA, DLFEHA, DLFSCA, DLFLCA, DLFSDA, DLFLDA, DLFSFA, DLFLFA, DLCPRA, DLCSRA, DLCERAA, DLCERAH, DLCLRA, DLCMRA
Note: The ductless systems are not advised to be used in coastal applications without a proper coating on the cabinet and other components of the system. Different options of coating are available with third party companies.


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